Tibetan Terriers - The Little people    by hanne mathiasen

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Hanne Mathiasen writes

Dogs have always been part of my life. As a teenager I lived three years in the USA , and over there my interest for dogs began to roll. Back in Denmark again in 1977 my mother and I were approved as breeders. Yes, in those days breeders in Denmark had to prove their worth, before they were allowed to get a kennel prefix. For many years my mother and I had a special team work with our Cheerio dogs. The first few years we had only Bobtails. But in 1983 our dear friend, Eva Falck, left us her Tibetan Terrier – Sin Padma A’ni. It did not take long before we realized this was a very special breed. And since then Tibetan Terriers has been the breed for me. . 

My mother became ill, and I had met Jan, the love of my life. Our old dogs enjoyed their retirement, while Cheerio was on stand by. After some time I began to miss the smell of puppies, the glamour from the show ring and last, but not least, the fun times with dog friends. 

In 1991 I contacted Christel Hoppe and we got O’Lhi von Lu-Khang – she was with us for 16 years! 

Cheerio was active again – striving to produce healthy puppies who could mark their presence both in the show ring and in breeding – but most important as beloved family members! Through the years 33 Cheerio litters have been born. 

Today we have three TibetanTerrier girls at home, Cheerio Easygiong E’Lisha and Cheerio Kyas-ma von Lu-Khang and Jo’Lhi Cheerio von Lu-Khang. Our newest addition is 5 month old male Gulgates Kanji Thaye, which we co-own with friends. Emil, our 14 year old son is a keen helper. He is a super assistant when we have puppies and he has taken over showing – so I can lean back and enjoy from ringside.

I can truly say my little family is supporting my hobby – which I am grateful for. That has also been the case during those endless hours I have spend working with “The Little People”. 

This book-writing began a couple of years ago where I was encouraged to write a book about our breed in Danish. This book was part of a series the Danish Kennel Club published, called “Dog breeds in Denmark ”. I enjoyed this process very much – but was a bit frustrated because there were many restrictions because it was part of this series. I felt I had much information and materiel that I had to leave out because I was only allowed to fill 60 small pages. 

After a good deal of consideration I decided to go ahead and make one more, and this time be my own master – I would do the layout myself and be my own publisher. A somewhat ambitious project – since my only experience with layout was from doing the Danish Tibetan Terrier Club Magazine – and being my own publisher involved a big investment. Nothing venture – nothing gain. I had a great desire to try. 

The first book was meant only for new Tibetan Terrier owners. In “The Little People” I wanted to broaden my target group and write a book which was interesting for new as well as experienced owners. Now, when I think about it – I do not know how I dared set my goals so high! 

The market for such a book in Danish would be far too small so I wanted to do it in English to reach people world wide. Out of the blue came Jorgen Larsen and Penny White and offered their support with the language. Thank you both. Also thanks to all the people all over the world who contributed with pictures and rapports from their respective countries. 

I had a chance to meet many of you at the World Congress in Birmingham , UK this year. That was fabulous. 

It was a wonderful experience for me to take part in the Congress partly due to the numerous praise “The Little People” received.

Hanne Mathiasen


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