Tibetan Terriers - The Little people    by hanne mathiasen

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Breeders and fanciers from all over the world recommends it

Here are a few samples:



Jennifer Rhind UK - November 2008
I received your wonderful book for my birthday, and just wanted to say
thank you so much for writing this. I love Tibetan Terriers,
and thought that I had read almost everything there was on the subject.
However,your book is so full of information, it is well researched
and well written and with so much first-hand experience and knowledge
- and with an obvious real love and passion for the breed - it surpasses
everything that has gone before.


Penny White, Canada, wrote after her final proofreading:
I can honestly say that I LOVED the experience of reading this book - its
colours, photos, its totality, its tone and obvious love of our breed, its
amusing anecdotes, the comprehensiveness and overview of its content - and I
felt refreshed and enriched and so very happy to be a TT person.
Again, for an old hand at this stuff, it wasn't 'new', but the revisiting of
the Whole TT Scene, with all its issues and history and ongoing activity,
yadda yadda, with a fresh approach and your enthusiasm made it a hugely
pleasurable experience.... I personally would hate NOT to possess this book.
Unless I'm really wrong, I think it's going to make a massive 'splash' in
the TT world. Hanne, I am almost speechless with awe and admiration for the
book you have created. I have been reading it as it grew, yes, but in small
pieces, and preserved no overview or accurate vision of what the finished
product would be like. And of course I hadn't seen the amazing photos. 
Well, in a word, it is MAGNIFICENT. A chef'd'oeuvre, A masterpiece...
wondrously helpful, comprehensive, ENJOYABLE on several levels and
I am proud to have helped you prepare it. 
Word will spread, and your book will be TT Publication of the Year, if not

Pat Nelson, USA, wrote:
Hanne - my book arrived today and it is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. I know
that it has been a very frustrating time for you, but I think that it is
probably one of the three most important books published on the Tibetan
It was definitely worth it!
All best regards,

Jill White, UK, wrote:
Hello Hanne,
The postman made my day today; he bought me a beautiful book about Tibetan
Terriers. The problem with it was I just couldn't put it down, the day was
passing unnoticed and my dogs were just not getting their walks or more
important at the moment their grooming! Crufts is looming ever nearer and my
dogs are just not ready! THANK YOU SO MUCH it is a delightful book, full of
common sense and so much useful information, you must be very proud of it, a
real achievement.
I just cannot thank you enough for the lovely book; it was a wonderful
surprise and will give me many hours of pleasure.

Sue Dukes, UK, wrote:
Dear Hanne,
I received your book yesterday and I am looking forward to reading it fully.
You have done a wonderful job, Congratulations. I hope that it is a great
success for you.
Well done once again.
Kashi Tibetan Terriers 

Yolande de Zarobe, France, wrote:
Chere Madame,
Your book is a true anthem with the love of the Tibetan Terrier. I am filled
with enthusiasm and congratulate you with all my heart.
I particularly appreciated the natural presentation of the dogs, contrary to
the present exhibitionism tendencies.
It is the respect of the animal.
Bravo, wish great success to that wonderful book.
Best regards
Yolande de Zarobe

Brian and Louise Harris, New Zealand, wrote:
Hi Hanne
Many thanks for your book that arrived in this weeks post. You are to be
congratulated on a superb production. I am very impressed and will get many
hour of enjoyment from it.
Thank you so much
Brian and Louise Harris

Wendy & Michael Brandrick, UK, wrote:
Hello Hanne,
We would just like to thank you for publishing this magnificent book. It is
truly an inspiration and every page is full of interest. It has only been in
the house for a few days but it is already well thumbed as we just cannot
put it down. 
May you sell many copies, as it is sure to promote the breed and plant the
seed of curiosity in young potential owners who will be the future
custodians of the breed. 
Wendy & Michael Brandrick 

From the TT Topica list: 
mentioned some weeks ago that I received my copy of the Little People
book. I had to set it aside for awhile and finally got back to it and
finished reading it tonight.
Whether you collect TT books or would just like to have one book, I
think this is the one! The book has 136 pages filled with wonderful
information about TTs, everything you wanted to know and more, and it
has such beautiful color photographs. The author divided the book into
three parts, "Sharing your Life with a TT", "A Trip back to the Origin
and then round the World", and "Special Articles" including one by Alice
Murphy. It dispels some falsehoods, yes, there are still Tibetan
Terriers in Tibet :-)
This book is truly a gem and a real education for anyone who wants to
know more about TTs. I met a friend for lunch one day and brought the
book along. My friend loves dogs, but has never owned one of her own,
yet she was fascinated by the book and spent our whole cocktail hour
going through it cover to cover looking at all the great photos.
I don't think there is a page in the book that doesn't have beautiful
photos. I haven't convinced my friend yet that she should own a TT, but
I'm working on it!
For anyone who is interested here is a link to the author's website.
Pat (Snickers, Augie and the Westie boy, Dunkin) 

Thanks for bringing this up, Pat, I meant to write about this book.
I received the book a few weeks ago, and let me say that it is fantastic!
Hanne Mathiasen has done a wonderful job of incorporating gorgeous pictures,
useful information, history, humorous stories, all with an international
flair. This book is for all of us who love this breed and is a wonderful
intro to those who are learning about the breed. Even my family, who loves
Tashi, but thinks that I'm a little over the deep end with how crazy I am
about the breed, agreed that this book was absolutely wonderful. It's a
"must have," in my opinion!
Yes, Pat, having the book nearby is quite distracting!

Hi Pat, my copy just arrived yesterday here at home. I can't keep my hands
off of it. Where is Margy's picture? Guess I better put my hands back on
and find it! The book has precious photos (the captions are great!)....it's
nice seeing photos of the European dogs.I'm really enjoying it so far.

Hi everyone.
I must agree with Pat that this is a wonderful book!
I was somewhat hesitant to spend the money to get yet another TT book,
but the lure of the photos was what made me take a chance.
It is the definitive TT book for me. It covers so many topics and has
beautiful photos throughout the book.
As I know that the author reads this list, here is a question for her:
Hanne, how ever did you get all the TTs on the cover to sing, smile or
yodel, all at the same time? It is an amazing and precious picture, as
are all the ones in the book.
Whether you have a few, or many TT books, I highly recommend this one.
It is a joy to read; every time I open the book or turn a page, I
Congratulations to Hanne, for such a detailed and well-researched
I showed the book to Panda and Wally and I thought I detected some
actual interest in what I was reading. :)
Just joining the chorus of praise,
Andrea, Panda and Wally


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