Tibetan Terriers - The Little people    by hanne mathiasen

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A book with an incredible wealth of information about Tibetan Terriers

Sharing your Life with a Tibetan Terrier
The first part contains comprehensive chapters on the breed's appearance, temperament, puppy selection, 
preparation, arrival, early adjustment, training, daily life, health, grooming, exhibition, activities and breeding.

A Trip back to the Origin and around the World
The second part contains information on the history and spreading of the breed around the world.
For this chapter I have received the assistance of many distinguished Tibetan Terrier-people,
who have each written a chapter on the arrival and expansion of the breed in their respective countries.
And last but not least a chapter on Tibetan Terriers in Tibet today. 

In the third part of the book there is much that is useful and interesting - miscellaneous old and new articles,
sample forms, graphs, word list and a list of further reading.

All in all it fills 136 pages and includes hundreds of lovely pictures from all over the world.
The book is in A4 format, hardcover bound and printed in colour. Very high quality! 

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